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Riding a normal bike on a smooth road is one thing and it is completely a different experience riding a mountain bike through the uneven grounds. Because the roads are harsh, and you never know what to expect. And for that reason, wearing protective gears should be a top priority. So, with the best mountain bike you need best protective gears as well. Especially, mountain bike helmets as the roads are filled with rocks and sharp objects that can cause fatal head injuries. Don’t take this lightly. As such accidents often lead to injuries that can hamper your life forever and even unexpected deaths. So, here I’ve come up with a list of the best mountain bike helmets. Check the list out, and pick a helmet if you don’t have one already. It’s no joke when it comes to your safety.

Some of you are thinking, why we need a guide for picking the best mountain bike helmet? You need it because the cycling world has different disciplines. Such as road cycling, mountain biking, and BMX sports to name a few. So, if you are a daredevil BMX rider than you always need to make sure that you have a helmet that protects the neck to your skull area. And obviously, a normal bicycle helmet isn’t the thing you require. You need a helmet that is specially made for such sport. So, this is why I made this top 10 best mountain bike helmets guide. For your protection, we recommend checking out the models below. And you will surely find one that is suited to your needs.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets

#1 Obsidian Unisex Mountain Bike Helmet Reveiw

Very few products can maintain the success on e-commerce websites. And certainly, Obsidian is one of them. And why not? This is a stylish looking helmet with great structure to shield riders. It is sturdy but lightweight as a feather, so you won't feel the nagging weight on your head. Also, has an excellent ventilation system to avoid excessive sweating all the time. And the best part is, it fits well thanks to its patented adjustment system. So, now you have a helmet that fits you perfectly and saves you from unexpected disasters.

Best Mountain Bike Helmet

#2 SixSixOne Recon Stealth Mountain Bike Helmet Review

The Best Mountain Bike Helmet - SixSixOne Recon Stealth

Mountain biking is a serious activity if you think about the higher chance of hurting yourself. So, Mountain bike riders need more protection which a typical helmet can’t offer. And SixSixOne is known for manufacturing product for such high risk taking riders. And the SixSixOne Recon Stealth Helmet is one of their flagship products. This helmet is well built, light and comfortable. It keeps the person wearing cool thanks to the multiple vents. And fits almost anyone. It keeps you safe and cool. What more you can want?

#3 IXS Trail MTB Helmet Review

IXS Trail Rs is an ergonomically designed helmet for high safety, greater ventilation, and itseasily adjustment system. This mountain bike helmet is made using high-quality durable materials to protect riders from several risks involved in such sports. Its shell is made out of polycarbonate and it has 16 vents for extra ventilation. It is very comfortable and being lightweight it allows cycling routines to be much faster. Surely, one of the best mountain bike helmets on the market with a high level of safety to offer.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets - Troy Lee Designs A1

#4 Mavic Notch Mountain Bike Helmet Review

best mountain bike helmet

Mavic notch bicycle helmets stand out for their comfort and fit. And also the helmets are great as they offer complete protection. The back of the helmet is fully covered to protect the head in entirety.

Mavic helmets fit so nicely thanks to its superlight system Ergo Hold retention SL for optimal, comfort fit. It won't slide around on your head like almost every other helmet which often leads to serious accidents. Helmets are made to ensure your safety, not to jeopardize it. And Mavic notch helmets seems to accomplish that.

#5 Mavic Notch Mountain Bike Helmet Review

This one is the Bell Super Mountain Bike helmet. This helmet is superb like its name suggests due to the combination of gravity and cross country technology that blends together with perfection. So, you get comfort that you need with protection which is the main reason to use a helmet. It offers excellent air flow thanks to the bigvents. The inside padding makes it so comfortable, and also it absorbs the sweat pretty quickly. A comfy fit helmet with plenty of stability. If you ask us, We from Mountain Bikes Pro recommend this mountain bike helmet. This is the best mountain bike helmet available out there.

best mountain bike helmet

#6 Giro Feature Mountain Bike Helmet Review

best mountain bike helmet

This luxurious helmet is from Giro. It is the Giro Feature helmet which is built using In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell. The structure of the helmet is stylish and very sensible. Because it offers good protection with a low weight to feel on your head. The helmet has a total of 12 vents. So, don't need to worry about sweating a lot. The in Form Fit system makes sure everything sits and stays where it should belong. The helmet has a visor which is easily adjustable.

This helmet offers a high wearing comfort and an acceptable ventilation by making sure you are safe.

#7 Bell Sequence Bicycle Mountain Helmet Review

Without a doubt, if anyone has to pick one positive aspect of Bell sequence helmet then it will easily be its 20 bigvents. It provides enough air flow that even on a hot day you won't feel the heat. Another major point goes to its comfort. It feels nice on your skin and doesn't get misplaced even on long journeys and bumpy slopes. Then theirs the visor that can be removed and also can be adjusted to 15 degrees which provide advantages.

good mountain bike helmet

The slightly heavy Bell Sequence impresses riders as it is durable, has a nice design and, above all, is very cool on hot days.

#8 Fox Head Flux MTB Helmet Review

best mountain bike helmet

Fox Flux helmet for men is another mountain bike helmet that will meet all your needs. It is amazingly stylish thanks to the great design. Has a removable visor which is beneficial. And how can you forget the 20 so air vents on the helmet that keeps the riders cool on the hottest of days? Fox provides extra padding to fit nicely and give more than enough protection to riders. It is very easy to tighten due to the "detox retention system". This helmet will endure the mountain biking and keep you protected from hitting on your heads on rocks and trees.

A good looking helmet with excellent fit, good ventilation, less weight and superior comfort in general during rides.

#9 Fox Head Flux MTB Helmet Review

The POC Trabec Race Helmet is like a traditional skateboard helmet. This well ventilated in mold helmet has a striking design which catches the eye. And it combines functionality with performance in the best manner possible. The inner EPS liner, strengthened with aramid filaments, is tough and durable. The PC shell also gives great stability.

This slim and comfortable fit mountain bike helmet have a strong structure to keep the riders safe and sound.

best mountain bike helmet

#10 Fox Head Flux MTB Helmet Review

best mountain bike helmet

For higher-end helmets, Giro is the go to brand. Like their Giro Hex helmet. An incredibly comfortable helmet with a great ventilation system. When you're on long trail riding you won't feel the heat, and even if you do sweat a lot then don't need to worry as the inside of the helmet absorbs a decent amount of sweat. But the most exciting feature about this is its Roc Loc 5 Fit System. Now riders can easily adjust the helmet so it fits well. The padding of the helmet makes it so comfortable, but still, if you feel uncomfortable then you have the extra padding that comes with the helmet. The Hex model has a rigid molded structure, both upper and lower level, to provide adequate protection.

Mountain Bike Helmet's Anatomy

Cycling has become a hobby for many people around the globe. However, safety comes first since there may be instances of accidents or injuries which could even lead to death. There are many manufacturers of mountain bike helmets whom are popular as well as some whom are not famous. Regardless of the manufacturer, there are things you need to consider to choosing the best helmet.

Helmet construction

There are two types of helmet construction: in-moulding and separate shell liner. Some helmets have a cage incorporated to the helmet to make sure that safety is boosted in case of a serious impact. These models should be considered to make sure that the helmet offers safety in case of an accident. Also, some helmets are easy to repair in case of a hard crash and hence the model can determine repairing cost.


To be able to manage heat while cycling, a helmet should be well vented to make sure that you don’t over heat. The best helmet should have a combination of fore and aft vents to facilitate air circulation in the helmet.

Straps, visors and pads

Straps are necessary in holding the helmet in position at all times and you should have a strapped helmet. This feature will prevent the helmet from rolling around your head while cycling or when you fall. Also, visors to block the sun and pads which adds decency to a helmet are also important features in a helmet.

Camera mounts

With 21st technology, some manufacturers have developed helmets which have mounted cameras to enable you have a wide field of view while cycling as well as recording if they need to. This is a vital feature to people who usually keep archives or want to have memories of some rides they had sometime back.

The helmet is an important accessory while riding bicycles. And it is especially advised to wear one when you are into something dangerous such as mountain biking. We wrote another review on the best mountain biking accessories as well so check that out and be safe when riding your bike. You have seen some of the best mountain bike helmets by now. Quickly pick one that suits you. The above helmets might cost a bit more than a usual helmet. But they will keep you safe unlike the cheap models on the market. Invest in one now for a safer journey.

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