Charge Cooker 29er SS Mountain Bike Review


This Cooker SS by Charge is a 29er mountain bike that exhibits simplicity and efficiency with its single speed drive train to help the rider improve their riding skills and confidence when on the road. These Charge Cooker 29er bicycles are not known for their high technology rides, but they use simple, durable and functional design to impress. 

The 29er mountain bike is made of a Tange Infinity steel frame, which may not be a cheap option but a guaranteed quality and affordable overall price. Its Tange Infinity rigid fork also makes climbing fast and efficient as it is both light in weight and tough.

When compared to the rest of the charge mountain bike Charge Cooker models, this 29er mountain bike stands out with its tubeless ready tires and rims, which gives out more traction than other setup.

Who is it for?

This mountain bike is designed mainly to help experienced riders who would want to keep on improving their riding skills and gain more riding confidence while on the road. This biker is one of the few bike with a balance between affordability and performance. It comes with a fork long enough to enable a suspension of straight swap.

It is also a good mountain bike to use for those who are up for the challenge of riding the pavement just to get to the trail. This is an ideal bike for those looking for bicycles to turn with drop bars into monster bikes.

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Charge Cooker 29er SS Features

  • Frame and Suspension : The frame is made of Tange Infinity which is an aggressive frame geometry, and this chromoly steel frame is formed with Tange’s 90 years of experience of producing steel tubes, the frame is sure to provide a high level of strength and responsiveness. It provides a lot of comfort and comes vibration dampening road properties. For its suspension, it is equipped with a 100mm- travel Suntour fork, which also gives out a lockout lever for uphill rides. This frame also comes with a high level of responsiveness, strength and stiffness. It carries in it the ability to handle several obstacles having to do with any trail. Just the build on the frame is enough to make anyone fall in love with this bike. This is the best mountain bike under 600 you can have.
  • Brakes : Charge Cooker 29er’s brakes are made of a Tektro Novela cable disc, which is of a good quality as it is efficient particularly on bad weathers and hard terrains.
  • Gear : This 29er mountain bike is equipped with quality gears, with its steel ringed crankset which is from SR Suntour. Plus, it has also a support of the Shimano Alivio/ Altus for its gears to which makes it be easily upgraded.
  • Wheels : The Charge Cooker has a 29 inch wheel, which had over dominated the 26 inch ones. It had been a fact that this wheel size can offer more traction and comfort for riders. It comes with steering that is lively enough to handle any sort of track.


  • It has a straight forward  design, which is simple and yet attractive
  • This single speed mountain bike can give a better drive train efficiency
  • It is also lightweight, making it easier to bring on rough tracks
  • Very comfortable and easy to use on rough trails, it is particularly easy to handle
  • A very low maintenance mountain bike; will not require quite much of your time to keep in good shape
  • The price is highly affordable compared to its quality
  • The brakes are awesome
  • High performance of brakes


  • The pedals can have the tendency of hard handling

Solution: It is always best to have your bike checked up or tuned up after assembly to be sure that everything is on point – this should be done by a professional

  1. The handles bars is quite over wide and a bit heavier and this can poses some discomfort
  2. Seat sometime goes off the seat post

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are there different sizes that I could choose from this line?
    • Ans: Yes, there a several sizes you can choose from; you can choose the right size mountain bike to fit your statistics comfortably
  • Q: What is the warranty for this product?
    • Ans: Charge offers about five years frame warranty, and just one year for warranty of the parts
  • Q: Is this Bike durable?
    • Ans:  This is a general question about products, but much more this bike and the simple answer is that it is very durable. It features an aggressive frame geometry and as such can stand a high degree of rough trails.
  • Q: How easy is it when using this product?
    • Ans:  This is one bike one should seriously consider when you are looking for simple and yet effective.

Charge Cooker 29er

Review Overview



Bottom Line :

Charge Cooker 29er mountain bike is one of the good quality riding bikes out which ensures to provide comfort and safety while achieving rough trails. Looking at it drawn on paper, this bike might not look so great. You might be deceived that the it’s not going to be of so much value. It could look so ordinary but in reality, its action is so amazing. This is one of the best mid range mountain bike available. 

This is quite a recommended bike for those who are looking for something simple and not really yet in the “complicated” or those looking much on the features of a bike; those who are simply looking for a simple, and basic mountain bike. This is one bike anyone can relate with and understand.


It may be affordable but if you are looking for something you can use for level ups, and stays affordable, this may not be the bike for you. Although, affordable and durable, this bike may get more costly when going for upgrades in the future. You might also want to consider that before making your purchase.

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