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We all know it’s not easy to choosing the mountain bike that suits your need or type of mountain biking. Considering all the facts you need to know before buying the mountain bike. So we tried to put the main components that you need to know about when buying your first mountain bike. We made sure to cover all the important aspects and parts in the infographics. If you checked our buying guide for mountain bike then you already know that first you need to know when choosing a mountain bike is what type of mountain biking you will do. Cross-country , Downhill , Dirt-jumping , Free-ride , Trail riding , Enduro  are the categories . Then comes the suspension system of the bike which is two types Hard-tail & Full Suspension . Then comes the budget issue what is the best budget mountain bike? What’s your budget and all that thing. So you based on your budget you can decide which one you want to buy. We have done a few reviews on budget mountain bikes so check those reviews if you love any of them.

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You need to know about the brake system of the bike what you want is it disk brakes or rim brakes people tend to go for disk brakes these days. But try your friends bike and see which fits you best. The bike frame is one of the main part you need to make sure you buy the lightweight one. Because the lightweight your bikes frame is and the lighter the bike will be. Bikes frame are made of Aluminium-alloy , Carbon Fibre , Titanium . 

How to choose a mountain bike


We hope we got everything covered in this article and you will be able to choose the one according to your needs and that suits you. Do let us know if we missed any important component.


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