Diamondback Overdrive Sport Hard Tail Mountain Bike Review


You have done your study and made a decision to go for a hardtail mountain bike. However, it ain’t that easy to pick one as the options are endless. But like every time I’ve came up with the perfect solution with an extreme MTB which is fitting for every pocket. It is the Diamondback Overdrive Sport Hard Tail Mountain Bike Compete. An MTB from one of the most reliable brand names in today’s time that offer bikes at pretty reasonable rates.


Who is it for?

Diamondback Overdrive Sport Review

Hardtail bikes are for the extreme riders. And the Overdrive Sport Compete will surely make those sets of riders very happy. This bike has a more rigid frame to endure the hardest of falls. And from a mechanical point of view, it is quite simpler than a full suspension bike. It has the front suspension to offer which has benefits of its own. Because due to this feature you get more power to your rear wheels which grant more efficiency and better acceleration. The Overdrive is very light, costs less and it is more fun to ride than a full suspension bike. If that is your thing then you should go for it.

Diamondback Overdrive Hardtail Complete Features

  • Frame: The bike is built using 6061-T6 Aluminum frame. This frame has revolutionized the biking industry and more manufacturers are going with it on their bikes now. The 6061 is actually the combination of Aluminum, magnesium, and silicone. The attributes it has to offer are immensely useful for mountain biking. As it provides ultimate tensile strength and adds very little weight. That is the perfect combination that any riders would love to see on a bike.
  • Brake: Brake system is a crucial part of the bike. It needs to work properly and efficiently every time. And so, Diamondback with their Overdrive Sport went for hydraulic disk brakes from the Tektro Auriga series. It equips riders with plenty of stopping power at their disposal. Works perfectly on every weather. Getting good value for your money hands down.
  • Speed: Most modern bikes come with 21 speeds. However, the Overdrive packs a lot more with its 27-speed system. The gear of Diamondback Overdrive Sport changes smoothly. And thanks to so many speeds, you can tackle the steepest of roads with ultimate ease. Also, you don’t need to worry about different terrains as you have a lot under your sleeve to move past them. It is an absolute beast on any track.
  • Wheels: The bike has a 27.5″ wheels. The size in today’s time is quite common as most bike wheels come on this dimension. For long distance ride it is perfect, and also it moves through the obstacles with no difficulty at all. The size of the wheels would be appreciated by both professionals and newbies alike. Because it is so easy to handle.


All in all, this bike covers the key aspects with almost perfection. It has a great frame, brakes work excellently, provides a lot of adrenaline to riders with its speed system. And it looks like a piece from an art exhibit.



  • The Overdrive sport is easy to adjust and assemble. You won’t require any outside help as it’s quite straightforward.
  • Grips beautifully on all type of terrains.
  • The frame of this MTB can take a lot of hits and still won’t break.
  • The 27-speed system presents a lot of option to the riders in every type of terrain.
  • Very reasonable price for such an outstanding MTB.
  • It is undoubtedly a mesmerizing mountain bike.


  • It is a front suspension bike, which everyone should know as it is a hard tail bike. But sometimes rookies don’t pay close attention to such details. So, for their information, if you are a starter then it might be a little tricky bike for you. However, with time, you will be in full control and appreciate the beauty of this type of MTB.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does this MTB needs a lot of assemblies? can it be done by rookies?
    • Ans: The bike comes mostly assembled if you are worried about that. And it might be one of its great qualities that even an amateur can put it together without any help.
  • Q: Is the ride can be enjoyed by tall people?
    • Ans: Even if you’re a giant that won’t stop you having fun driving the diamondback as it suits everyone.

Bottom Line:

In whole, the Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Sport Hard Tail Compete is a great mountain bike for starters. Anybody with interest in mountain biking should pick it as their first bike and they won’t regret a bit. It might not be flawless but that won’t stop you from acknowledging this MTB. Because comparing to others it offers a lot and doesn’t charge too much at all. Try it yourself and then let me know what do you think about it. I know you will love it.

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Diamondback Overdrive Sport Hard Tail Mountain Bike

Diamondback Overdrive Sport Hard Tail Mountain Bike


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9.0 /10


10.0 /10


9.0 /10

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