Factory DS180 27.5″ 24 Speed Mountain Bike Review


This Factory DS180 dual suspension mountain bike is for aspiring bikers who want to experience the joys and adventure of mountain biking, since it is perfect to use in this kind of biking category. Biking is definitely a great activity you can do during your days off. It is a way you can do leisure as well as adventure with the places you can reach through it. In addition, biking is also a great way to exercise the body and keep it active and healthy.

In addition, an activity such as biking also enriches your mind and fuels your soul with nice sites and beautiful places you can reach by just riding it. Today, people already use bikes in going to work and when seeking for a leisurely adventure time. No wonder they choose biking, since it does not only make the body active and the spirit energized; it also enables one to enrich and refresh himself with the beautiful places he can discover by just riding a bike.

Furthermore, biking also allows you to save more, do more and explore more. Since it does not run on gas and just needs maintenance from time to time, you are absolutely going to save lots of money in biking! 


Thus, there is no way people will not love biking! This activity and sport offers you a variety of ways to enjoy life and experience what life can offer in a bike ride. Biking can be done in many ways, because it has a variety of categories which you can choose from.  However, this article will focus on the category of mountain biking, and will teach you everything you should know about it.

Who Is It For?


If you are thinking of entering the world of mountain biking, it is best if you have the most ideal bike to use for such, and that is definitely a mountain bike. In addition, it would be best if you choose a mountain bike that is reliable to use and performs very well during the trail. Thus, if you are looking for the best mountain bike during your mountain biking activity, I highly recommend the Factory DS180-27.5″ 24SP Mountain Bike. In addition, with this sleek and versatile equipment, you can do more adventures like going on a trail, and explore more places that are hard to reach by using a car. Biking is also a great way to reunite with friends and with nature by just enjoying the fresh breeze and warmth brought by friendship.

Factory DS180-27.5 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike


Factory DS180-27.5″ 24SP Mountain Bike could be the best bike for your use, since it is built and designed with a world-class and high quality. In addition, this mountain bike is packed with features that make your every biking experience only the best one.  

Factory DS180 Features


This Factory DS180-27.5″ 24SP Mountain Bike has cutting-edge features that make it one of the best mountain bikes in the market.

  • Lightweight frame : This Factory DS180 24SP Mountain Bike has a frame made of alloy, which makes it light in weight but tough to use. Thus, this assures you of a smooth and easy mountain bike ride.factory ds180 dual suspension
  • Well-performing dual-suspension : One of this DS180-27.5 Mountain Bike’s edges is its dual-suspension system that performs well. It has a front suspension fork and a rear coil-over shock suspension which ensures a smooth and stable mountain biking experience, no matter how rough and rocky the terrain is.
  • Reliable disc braking system : This Factory DS180 Mountain Bike has a reliable disc braking system that offers a highly responsive stop, especially at emergency situations where you need to quickly and totally stop. Thus, this bike guarantees you a safer bike ride.
  • Gearing : Full Shimano TX800 groupset with 24 speed .  Front Derailleur – Shimano TX800 3 speed &  Rear Derailleur – Shimano TX800 8 speed.
  • Long-term and lifetime warranty : What makes this DS180 is  special is its parts are covered with a long-term warranty! Its parts and labour are covered with a 2-year warranty, while its frame and fork are covered with an amazing lifetime warranty! Thus, you won’t have to worry much about spending lots of money in servicing your Factory DS180-27.5″ 24SP Mountain Bike; with this kind of warranty, your bike is absolutely covered.
  • Great value for money : DS180 Mountain Bike is a great value for money because of the great features and benefits it offers. In addition, this mountain bike is quite economical compared to other mountain bikes. However, this Factory DS180-27.5″ 24SP Mountain Bike performs still as well as other mountain bikes that are pretty expensive. Thus, this mountain bike offers you the best bike ride without requiring you to spend too much.


  • It has a lightweight alloy frame.
  • It has a front and rear (dual) suspension.
  • It has a disc braking system.
  • It is ideal for aggressive biking.
  • It is a great deal for money.


  • Some of this bike’s part needs upgrading.

Solution: Even though this mountain bike’s parts are made well, you might want to consider upgrading some parts for your biking activity to be highly easier, especially if you are going to mostly use this bike for aggressive biking.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: Is this bike fully assembled?
    • Ans : This bike is just 85% assembled, so there is a need for you to attach some minor parts to it.
  • Q: Around how many pounds does this mountain bike weigh?
    • Ans : This mountain bike weighs around 37 lbs., so it is quite lighter compared to other mountain bikes.
  • Q: Does this bike have a height requirement?
    • Ans : It would be ideal if the one who will use this bike has a height of 5’4” and above, since this mountain bike has a 27.5 wheel size. However, I recommend that try a bike with the same wheel size first, and then assess if you feel comfortable riding it.
  • Q: Can I use this bike for commuting purposes?
    • Ans :I won’t recommend you this mountain bike for commuting purposes, since it is not made for that use. This bike’s features are made for mountain biking purposes, thus, the bike might not satisfy your biking needs especially if you are going to use it for commuting and not for mountain biking.

Bottom Line :

Factory DS180-27.5″ 24SP Mountain Bike is the best bike deal you can have! With its amazing features and remarkable performance, this could be what you are just looking for! Thus, purchase your own Factory DS180-27.5″ 24SP Mountain Bike now and experience the best of it!

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