Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review


Gravity FSX 2.0 is a great entry level mountain bike which is both reliable and affordable. This mountain bike features a dual full suspension feature with an advanced aluminium frame and it comes with about 24 speed control system for you to choose from. This surely is one of the best gravity mountain bikes available out there by gravity. 

This mountain bike offers a various types of bicycle with different sizes to fit anyone comfortably. It is an affordable mountain bike that offers uncompromised features of comfort, gear shifting gear experience, and gives a full shock suspension for an overall control of your ride at any speed.

Who is it for?

The Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Suspension mountain bike is made for those just starting out with mountain bike riding. Its 24 speed control system will be the perfect guide to find your comfortable speed safely. The best full suspension mountain bike under 500 you get. 

Also, it is recommended for those who had been mountain riding for quite some time; the intermediate level riders. With its quality components, it is the perfect guide to train yourself with the rougher terrains and prepare you for the experts’ league.

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Gravity FSX 2.0 Feature

  • Frame and Suspension : This Gravity FSX 2.0 mountain bike is made of an advanced aluminium frame with a single pivot technology. It may be lighter but its performance is definite to provide higher hydroformed tubing performance. For its suspension, it is equipped with the Suntour long travel which also has an adjustable preload.
  • Brakes : The brakes of this mountain bike is a Tektro Novela Disc which helps in ensuring that you have a total control of your bike especially when you are riding uphill or downhill. This way, you are sure of your safety, as it is now in your hands.
    • This feature also allows you to enjoy the gearing feature with total protection and ensuring safety at any speed rate you are in.
  • Gear : Gravity PSX 2.0 is equipped with 24 speed control system, which is composed of Shimano shifters to allow you to experience smooth speed shifts. This kind of gearing is an ideal feature especially for those still finding their groove in the sport.
  • Wheels : This mountain bike has a 26 inch wheel, and this is the preferred size of most riders as it is light in weight and allows them to enjoy a smooth long distance ride.
    • As for the beginners, this kind of wheel size is pretty easy to control and it will be best to use as guide until they are used to mountain bike riding.

Gravity FSX 2.0


  • This mountain bike is very much easy to assemble, and adjustments can be done easily as well
  • Can be a good partner when going through some rough trails for intermediate riders
  • It is made up of quality and trusted materials at a good price
  • The features of this mountain bike allows a smoother ride even on a long distance trail
  • It has a very good mtb  for those beginner rider looking to be serious in the line of mountain riding
  • Durable and sturdy materials for the frame and main parts
  • 24 speed control gears, which makes riding more exciting while ensuring rider’s safety


  • It has a quick release lever which results to the seat clamp only tightening to a certain point.

Solution: Maybe have your mountain bike tuned up, and if it keeps on happening, consult professionals on what may be the cause of this.

  • Details or instructions for assembly can get limited

Solution: It is always advised to have a professional do this part, but you still decide to do it on your own and get stuck on the assembly, you have two options: first is to call the company’s support or second, bring it into a bicycle shop as it is sure that they will know what to do next.

  • Gears can get a bit loose and difficult to tighten up or coordinate with the bicycle

Solution: Just have it checked up. If it is something you are not sure on tinkering, have a professional do it – it is safer that way. Or if it is a product default, have it immediately returned under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Can the tires be changed from 26 inch to a 29 inch wheel size?
    • Ans: Unfortunately no, since the whole frame and bike functionality is designed to fit a 26 inch wheel.
  2. Q: Does it have a front suspension lock out?
    • Ans: No, it does not lock out.
  3. Q: Is a kickstand included in the original product?
    • Ans: No, it is not included but you can definitely have one installed yourself.
  4. Q: Does this have different size choices?
    • Ans: Yes, it has different choices you can chose from, to which you are most comfortably fitted.
  5. Q: Is a manual included for assembling when package is delivered?
    • Ans: Yes there is a manual, but more on a generic user manual. For assembling, it is best to have an expert do it and tune it up. This way, you avoid having any problems in the nearest future.


Review Overview



Bottom Line :

That concludes our gravity mountain bike review. This Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain bike is one of the most affordable rides there is in the market now, which offers a great deal of durability and your money’s worth. This is to say that after your first purchase, it will take you a long time before starting to think of another purchase.

I suggest that new riders and even for those intermediate ones, basically those who would like to improve their riding speed and practice on rough terrains slowly, surely and safely. It has a good composition mix of quality materials for its price, making it worth it & one of the best mountain bike within the budget; and with proper care and maintenance, it will definitely last long. As can be seen above,the pros far outweighs the cons; this makes it an ideal buy.

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