Merax Finiss 21 Speed Mountain Bike Review


When looking for mountain bikes to consider before buying, the number one factor that you consider is whether the price reasonable or worth its quality, because admit it or not, it can be difficult to find a quality and affordable mountain bike. Merax Finiss 26 inch mountain bike is made up of quality heat treated aluminium frame, with the capacity to offer about 21 speed control system. It is light in weight, with a weight capacity of about 330 pounds, but for a well- quality performance, it is best to keep to about 220 pounds. This is one of the best beginner mountain bike you can buy within budget. 

Who is it for?

The Merax Finiss 26 inch mountain bike is designed for the casual biker who wants to simply have an enjoyable ride in some of the entry level terrains or trails.

Also, with its lightweight of just about 33 pounds, it can be advisable for usage of those intermediate riders who take on some cross- country ride as it is will be easy to bring and handle for riders.

Merax Finiss 26

Merax Finiss 26″ Features

  • Frame and Suspension: Merax’ Finiss 26 inch mountain bike uses a heat- treated aluminium for its frame which allows it to be more on the light side, this makes the bike easier to carry or bring. It also have about 80 mm suspension fork that helps in providing a smoother ride and this one also helps in increasing the control the rider has over bike when in rough and bumpy roads. With the features it has within 300 bucks price it surely is one of the best mountain bikes avaialble for beginners. 
  • Gear: Since speed is one of the factors you look for when purchasing a mountain bike, it is important that it can give you a variety of speed choices to find your comfortable speed.This mountain bike has about 21 possible speed control you can shift and adjust into, as it uses Shimano components to make it happen.
  • Brakes : Another thing considered when buying a mountain bike is the safety net it will offer you as you find and get to know your speed limits. With Merax Finiss, it guarantees safety by using Shimano components for both its front and back rear disc brakes, which allow a stronger stopping power particularly when you are at a high speed.



  • It is composed of high-quality parts but the overall price of the mountain bike is very affordable
  • Easy to bring because of its overall weight, which almost do not add up to your body weight while riding
  • Equipped with very reliable Shimano shifters and derailleurs
  • Simple yet sharp design which makes it attractive
  • Uses a disc brake which is one of the best choices as it ensures safety and control over your bike at any speed rate


  • Tendencies of the disc brakes needing some adjustments


Solution: It is best to have your mountain bike checked up and tuned up first before using especially if you are not really experienced with assembling. Mountain biking for beginners is a little costly and you need to do a bit of research before really going on to do biking. It’s not like regular biking so there are some important things you have to check & try out which mountain bikes for beginners feels good for you.

  • Tendency of having the front shock get a bit softer when the rider gets over 200 pounds

Solution: The ideal weight that the bike can carry is around 300 pounds, but it is best to stick to its suggested weight capacity of about 200 pounds to utilize maximum capacity of the bike.

  • This bike model has only one size, unlike other mountain bikes in its category

Solution: It is better to have an actual see of the product to know first if it will fit you comfortably before purchasing, it avoids the hassle of the returning process.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Since this is good for beginner to intermediate riders, can this handle advanced trails?
    • Ans: Not really, you can try but it is not generally advisable for you to take this on those level trails as it has thin wheels. Before trying to do so, have it equipped with the right kind of wheels, and maybe upgrade the shock.
  2. Q: How long is the warranty of the mountain bike?
    • Ans: The frame and parts warranty of the mountain bike is about one year.
  3. Q: Do I have to do the assembling myself?
    • Ans: Just like any other mountain bikes, yes you will have to do and handle a bit of assembling, but no need to worry as it will be very easy and self- explanatory; if after the bike is fully assembled, and you are not satisfied or unsure of it, you may bring it in a shop for a check- up.
  4. Q: What size is best suited for a comfortable fit of the bicycle?
    • Ans: Since it only has one size, it is safe to say that a small to medium frame and weight best fits and comfortably suits this mountain bike.


Review Overview



Bottom Line :

The Merax Finiss 26 inch mountain bike is one of the most affordable and easy to handle mountain bikes designed for entry level riders. 

This is highly suggested for those not looking for a very serious trail, but still challenging to take. With its heat- treated aluminium alloy, it is definitely  lightweight and will barely be adding up to the weight that the rider needs to be balancing when doing a ride.

It is a good guide for riders to get a better grasp of the best speed they are most comfortable with as it have a powerful linear- pull brakes that ensures a high- powered stopping ability at any speed rate, and still provides safety.

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