Mongoose Impasse Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review

There are so many mountain bikes in the market to choose from under $500 and each week I attempt to pick the best from the bunch. This demands a lot of analysis work and all the trouble is worth it when I find the right bike in the budget. And today that prestige goes to the Mongoose Impasse Dual Suspension which is undeniably one of the best mountain bikes under $500. Compare it with any other bike close to that budget range and you will be amazed to see how exceptional this bike is. Check the review to get the precise idea.


Who is it for?

Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

Mongoose Impasse full suspension mountain bike is perfect for newcomers getting into this game. Mountain Biking is certainly one of the most popular sports of today’s time. Also, it has grown as a hobby among people which comes as no shock at all. The mountain bikes allow you to ride impossible tracks which you can’t imagine with your usual bikes. Besides cycling is a great medium for exercise and riding in off-road tracks requires more stamina which is certainly to get into a great shape. So, for a hobby and exercise purposes, it can be highly beneficial. But, if that isn’t your end game and competitive cycling is your goal than the Mongoose impasse mountain bike isn’t the bike to go with because for those you need a high-end mountain bike. Although it is quite perfect for practice to get into the groove if you’re a newbie.

Whatever might be your case, especially if you have a tight budget to match, you need to take a closer look at its specifications unless you want to gamble on another mountain bike and later regret making some awful decision.


Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike Features:


  • Frame : The frame of the Mongoose Impasse is constructed using aluminum suspension frame. This provides a solid structure to the bike almost like a steel frame bike but lighter in weight. This is also a big reason this mountain bike is faster and easier to manage. Also, if you need to, you can pick it up on your shoulder as it doesn’t weigh that much. It might not be that heavy but important factor about the frame is that it is moderately big so it is suggested for riders who are 68 inches and taller.Mongoose Impasse Dual Suspension
  • Suspension : This particular mountain bike is equipped with dual suspension. Dual suspension bikes are always fancied by riders because they give better control to the biker reducing fatigue issues as they absorb shocks nicely. So, the suspension of Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-inch) makes sure the riders can ride comfortably and safely for long hours without getting exhausted.
  • Brakes : The safety of the rider is the first priority and that’s why you should always need to check if the brakes operate flawlessly. In this scenario, the Mongoose deserves special praise as it is acknowledged for its safety thanks to the front and rear brakes of the bike. The stopping power of the brakes is excellent in any circumstances which are quite reassuring if you’re thinking about getting one for your kids or for yourself.
  • Gears :  The bike has 21 speed and it is adequate for entry-level riders. The bike comes with Shimano rear derailleurs and SRAM twist shifters. Although Shimano twist shifters are more popular among riders but you will be surprised experiencing the swift shift of gears and change of speeds which is an absolute delight for bikers.
  • Wheels : The bike uses 29-inch wheel which is quite large but these are quite great in any terrain. But one point the riders should keep in mind that the wheels are suitable for normal offroad tracks and not for the hardcore tracks which seems fair considering the price.



  1. The first thing comes to mind without any second thought is its price. It is an affordable bike with good attributes.
  2. Comfortable to ride on normal trails.
  3. The brakes work exceptionally making it quite a safe mountain bike to ride as you will always be in charge.



Usually, people opt for a mountain bike to go off-road riding which you can comfortably do with the Impasse and only drawback about the bike is that it doesn’t have a water holder. For many, I know that doesn’t make any sense. Remember the fact, cycling for a long time can be exhausting and you need to hydrate yourself, and in that case you need a water bottle holder on your bike. So, from that point of view, it is a little bit frustrating.

Solution: You can always spend some extra bucks for a water bottle holder. So in that event, it isn’t a big negative as it can be fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. Q: Does the bike come assembled?
    • Ans : For shipment, the bike comes disassembled but it is quite easy to assemble. Get the Allen wrench and you will be able to put together the entire bike in 15-20 minutes without any problem.
  2. Q: Does the bike fit tall people?
    • Ans : The bike has a big frame and it is perfect for tall riders like 6ft.


Bottom Line:

The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension is a good enough bike if you reconsider the full suspension, great brakes, and nice big 29-inch tires which surprisingly you can’t get as a unit in some other mountain bikes that might cost you much more. It is not the extreme sports bike you would have wished for as it can’t take that much beating. But for a mountain bike which is under $300 it isn’t bad at all if you love to go hiking on normal off track trails. This bike might not be as cheap as the other bikes that I have shown you previously but the price is still in a great price range of under $300. So ,if you’ve never tried a mountain bike then I can assure you are in for a treat if you choose the Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike.

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