Montague Paratrooper Folding Mountain Bike Review

Montague Paratrooper folding mountain bike is like having your Swiss knife in your pockets because it is just that easy to handle. It is mainly designed and developed to help soldiers drop from air and straight into combat mode, with its features of 24 speed control system assisted with a front and back mechanical disc brakes to ensure total control and safety.

The Paratrooper’s folding system was inspired by a patented folding system to eliminate the need to disassemble your mountain bike after use. It is equipped with a Folding Integrated Technology which makes this montague paratrooper folding bike the strongest folding bike, with the quality of a full suspension downhill bike. Also we know Montague is a one of the best mountain bike brands providing the best folding bike.

Who is it for?

First off, this is a good quality mountain bike for serious riders. This Paratrooper mountain bike is very sturdy and durable no matter how rough the trail is, or how hard you ride it. This is ideal for people who are frequently on dirty jumps and pot -holes, downhill trails and anything extreme.

Also, this is recommended for those who are always on the go, and trying to squeeze in some bike ride. With its foldable feature, it can fit in the trunk of your car, or you can simply carry it alongside while you walk around the city.

best folding mountain bike

Montague Paratrooper Features

  • Folding System : The Paratrooper bike has a direct connect folding system which allows the rider experience an easier folding time of just about 20 seconds estimate. It a gives a quick release on the top of the frame, lift up the pin and allows the rear section of the frame to fold around.
  • Folding Integrated Technology (F. I. T) : For an effective and reliable folding system, Paratrooper was patented around another system to allow the bike to fold without you worrying of having some breaks or cracks in its frame. This system is of the concept of a serious full suspension downhill bike and was designed by Montague basically for military use. Yeah that’s the big plus point that it is one of the most purchased best foldable bike made by Montague.
  • Brakes and Speed : This Montague Paratrooper mountain bike is equipped with a mechanical disc which ensures and gives the rider a total control over the brakes at any given speed. With it having a 24 speed control system you can test and choose from, a strong brake set is what supports safety for this bike.
  • Suspension : Paratrooper uses a SR Suntour XCM HLO forks which gives a suspension lock out; this means that while on the road, you can have your forks locked out for it not to move to allow you have an effortless speed increase. With the features it provides this makes Paratrooper one the best value mountain bikes available.


  • The Paratrooper is very much portable. With it being easily folded, you can handle it easily for easier storage and carrying
  • A very sturdy mountain bike, made of light and quality materials
  • It has an efficient functionality; lives up to its descriptions and can be good use for both casual and rough rides
  • This Paratrooper mountain bike can be easily assembled and setup


  • Tendency of difficulty when it comes to folding the bike

Solution: Sometimes, it is best to have your bike checked up first before using just to know that everything is on point, so that when you encounter difficulties particularly with the functions, it is safe to say that it is a product default.

  • Materials used for the components may break easily or may be defaulted

Solution: Knowing the proper maintenance level needed to meet proper preservation for not only the bike but of each part is important.

Montague Paratrooper Folding Mountain Bike

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How long is the warranty for this product?
    • Ans: For the frame, Montague is giving a lifetime of warranty to the original purchaser of the product; although, this does not include the forks. As for the original parts, Montague is allowing one year from the date of purchase for its warranty.
  2. Q: What is the weight limit of this mountain bike?
    • Ans: Basically about 190 pounds Paratrooper plus an additional 100 pound for equipment. This mountain bike can run efficiently with a limit of around 300 pounds.
  3. Q: Does its folding feature compromise the strength of the bike?
    • Ans: Since there are no alterations done with the parts to allow it to fold, the strength of it is just the same with those that are unfoldable.
  4. Q: Are there different sizes that I can choose from?
    • Ans: Yes, Montague Paratrooper has size options that will allow you to choose which one best suits you comfortably.

Review Overview


Bottom Line :

The Montague Paratrooper Mountain Bike is a very durable and portable mountain bike that is mainly designed for the convenience of the military men in service. They are also for bikers that are serious minded. This is because no matter how hard you ride it – whether on the rockies or hills, it will never break. This is one of the best folding mountain bike available out there but it comes with a price tag. Don’t forget to check our Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 – Ultimate Buying Guide .

Although, it can still be used by the regular Joe, and I recommend this for those who try their best to squeeze in some time to do some ride in. With its foldable feature, it is definitely easier for you to have it along anytime and anywhere. Storage for it is not a difficulty as well, as you can simply put it anywhere and it will not take so much space. Another high point of this bike is its super sturdy design; which is as a result of its inflexibility (this way the bike does not just flex anytime the pedal is pressed). Instead of putting a hinge in the middle of its main, in Paratrooper , the frame is swivels around the seat post.

This is not a cheap mountain bike, so I suggest that before you make a purchase (to fully get your money’s worth), you are sure that mountain bike rides is something you see yourself doing for a long time. 


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