Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike Review


I recommend you the Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike. Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike is the best mountain bike you can bring with you during trails. A great way to spend your free time on is through biking. Biking is an activity which you can do to entertain yourself, unwind and be one with nature, as well as work the body out. In addition, biking is also a sweet escape to explore beautiful places and view amazing sites, which can never be experienced by using a car.


A lot of people use bikes when going to work or commuting. However, the number of people who use bike for leisure and adventure has increased through time, because an activity such as biking is a refreshing way to explore places and relax. Thus, with the benefits of biking, no wonder people have seen the best of doing this activity! Because of the adventure, leisure and essential purpose biking has, it is definitely one of the best activities you can do.


Biking is specified in categories depending on the trail you are riding on. However, we will focus on the category of mountain biking in this article. In addition, we will share to you what you should know about mountain biking and what the best bike is for mountain biking purposes.

Who Is It For?

Navi R240

This Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike is for anyone who is into mountain biking, especially into cross-country and dirt-jumping mountain biking. In addition, this mountain bike is perfect for people who want to experience the best mountain biking fun and experience while on a budget. Since hard-tail mountain bikes are used for aggressive biking disciplines like cross-country and dirt-jumping, it would be great if you only have the best mountain biking for such practice. Thus, if you are highly interested in this kind of aggressive biking activity, It has the best set of bike parts that go together to provide its user the best mountain biking experience possible.

Navi R240 Features

Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike has great features you are just looking for in a mountain bike.

  • Lightweight frame : This Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike frame is lightweight and heavy-duty because it is made from aluminium-alloy. Thus, it assures you that using this mountain bike offers you an easy trail and a great biking experience.
  • Aluminium-alloy major and minor parts : Aside from this Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike’s frame, this mountain bike’s major and minor parts such as crank set, seat port, pedals, stem, hubs and handle bar are made from aluminium-alloy. Thus, these parts are surely made heavy-duty and lightweight, that is why it is easy to handle.
  • Reliable suspension system : This Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike has a front suspension fork with a manual lockout feature. Thus, by using this mountain bike, you can experience a more stable and manageable bike ride.
  • Efficient gearing system : This Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike has efficient gearing system that is very essential especially when you are trailing. Gearing system plays an important role in keeping your bike ride easy and manageable. Thus, with this Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike’s efficient gearing system, you can complete every trail with ease.
  • Great value for money : What makes this Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike special is it is well-performing without having to break your pockets. Compared to other mountain bikes, you can definitely save more with this mountain bike and can absolutely do more with it! Thus, this Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike is a reliable bike to use in trails and a great value for money.



  • It has lightweight and tough bike parts.
  • Its suspension is reliable and has a lockout feature for a more stable ride.
  • Its gearing system is reliable and efficient.
  • It is the best bike you can get on a budget.
  • It is ideal for aggressive mountain biking uses.


  • It comes almost totally unassembled upon purchase.

Solution: This mountain bike needs servicing since it comes 85% unassembled upon purchase. However, the assembly part could be worth it with how well this mountain bike performs. In addition, this concern might be raised to the manufacturer and might suggest that they should make the mountain bike assembled for the convenience of the customer/user.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Around how many pounds does this mountain bike weigh?
    • Ans: This mountain bike weighs around 38 lbs., which makes it lighter when compared to other mountain bikes.
  2. Q: Does this bike have a height requirement?
    • Ans: This bike is ideal for users with height measurements around 5’-5’4”, since this mountain bike has a 26 inch wheel size. However, it is best if you try a sample bike with the same wheel size, for you to know if you are comfortable when riding it.
  3. Q: Can I use this bike for commuting purposes?
    • Ans: Yes, you can use this bike for commuting purposes. However, this mountain bike is made for mountain biking, so I suggest you utilize it for this purpose.
  4. Q: What is this mountain bike’s gear/speed?
    • Ans: This mountain bike is a 24-speed bike. Thus, it has 3 gears at the front and 8 gears at the back for easier shifting.


Bottom Line :

With the features and benefits you can get from this Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike, it is surely the best mountain bike you can use for bike trails. In addition, you can get this mountain bike’s best benefits without spending too much! Thus, purchase your own Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike now and experience the best of it!

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Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike

Navi R240 Hard-tail Mountain Bike


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