Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike Review


One fun and adventurous way to spend your weekends or free time on is through biking. Navi RS100 is one of the best beginner mountain bike.  Aside from being a form of adventure and leisure, biking is also a great exercise and a way to get the body working and moving. In addition, an activity such as biking also enriches your mind and fuels your soul with nice sites and beautiful places you can reach by just doing it.

A lot of people nowadays are shifting from using their cars to riding their bikes because it saves more money and time, especially when the traffic is pretty heavy. In addition, not only does biking become essential when commuting; it is also a great way to commune with nature and reunite with friends over biking on a trail. Thus, no wonder a lot of people love biking; this activity is not limited, but simply the best way to do anything and get to anywhere.

Biking is available in different categories. However, we will specifically tackle about mountain biking in this article, and everything you should know beforehand about mountain biking.


Navi RS100

What is mountain biking?

Mountain biking is a type of biking category that involves passing through rough and rocky terrains. This biking category is one that unleashes the adventurer in you, since the trails you are going to pass through are not the kind of trails you are encountering every day. Thus, mountain biking requires you to balance your body, endure every trail and stage of the biking activity, and strengthen your willpower and body to be able to finish the trail successfully.

You may wonder: “How will I start my mountain biking career? What bike should I use for this discipline?”

In mountain biking, it is very ideal that you use the most perfect bike to do that activity, and that is definitely a mountain bike. To be more specific, it would be very ideal if you choose a hard-tail mountain bike if you are still beginning your journey in the world of mountain biking.

A hard-tail mountain bike is a type of mountain bike with only a front suspension fork that absorbs impact. This kind of front suspension fork is what makes a hard-tail mountain bike distinct from other bikes. This kind of suspension system also provides you a more firm and steady bike manoeuvre which could be ideal at certain times during the trail.

Furthermore, there are 2 disciplines in mountain biking where it is best to use a hard-tail mountain bike: cross-country and dirt-jumping. Thus, having the best hard-tail bike entitles you to enjoy this 2 mountain biking disciplines.

With this information, it is best to say you already have the basic knowledge in mountain biking. So, the next one you should know is what the best hard-tail mountain bike you should purchase is. Thus, I highly recommend Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike.

Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike is one of the best mountain bikes you can use. It is light in weight, has a strong and heavy-duty aluminium-alloy frame, and has great parts which make it ideal for anyone who is just beginning their journey in the world of mountain biking.

Who Is It For?

This Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike is for beginners in mountain biking, especially in the cross-country and dirt-jumping disciplines of mountain biking.

Navi RS100 Features

This Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike has ideal parts that are reliable to use. In addition, this mountain bike’s parts are made for the ease of its users, especially those mountain biking novices.

  • Lightweight frame : This Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike’s frame is light in weight and heavy-duty because of it is made from aluminium-alloy. Thus, using this mountain bike assures you of an easy trailing and a wonderful biking experience.
  • Aluminium-alloy major and minor parts : Aside from this Navi RS100 Hard-tail Moutain Bike’s frame, this bike’s major and minor parts such as hubs, stem, rims, seat post and crank set and made from aluminium-alloy. Thus, these parts are surely made tough, light to carry and easy to handle.
  • Quick-release hubs : This Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike’s quick release hubs allow you to remove the wheel set without using tools. Thus, you are saved from so much stress and hassle, and you can conveniently remove the wheel set when you have to.
  • Modern disc-braking system : This Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike’s disc-braking system offers a quicker and a more responsive stopping mechanism compared to rim brakes. Thus, you can reliably use this mountain bike, especially in emergency situations where a full and quick stop is needed.
  • Great value for money : Compared to other mountain bikes, this Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike has a lower price but still performs well. In addition, this mountain bike is the best bike from mountain biking starters. Thus, this Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike is a great deal as well as a great value for money.


  • Its frame and other bike parts are light in weight, but made tough and great in performance.
  • Its disc braking system is quick to stop and responsive.
  • Its fork suspension system is reliable and offers a stable ride.
  • It is ideal for beginners in mountain biking.
  • It is a great deal for the price.


  • It comes 85% unassembled when purchased.

Solution: Though this bike comes almost unassembled and requires to be brought to the bike servicing centre, the whole assembly part is worth it because this bike performs really well. In addition, this concern might be raised to the manufacturer, which will make them consider making this bike fully or almost assembled when purchased. It might be quite heavier compared to other mountain bikes.

Solution: This mountain bike’s light weight might still be not enough for other mountain bikers. Thus, if you want to make it lighter, you can upgrade the frame and make it carbon-fibre made. However, this type of frame is more expensive compared to aluminium-alloy frame.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Around how many pounds does this mountain bike weigh?
    • Ans: This mountain bike weighs around 40 lbs. Thus, this mountain bike is lighter compared to other bikes.
  2. Q: Does this bike have a height requirement?
    • Ans: In using this bike, it is ideal if the height of the person using this is 5’4” above, since this bike has 27.5 wheel size. However, it is best if you assess a sample bike with the same wheel size first, and determine if you are comfortable riding it.
  3. Q: Can I use this bike for commuting purposes?
    • Ans: Yes, you can use this bike for commuting purposes. However, this bike is perfect for mountain biking, so I suggest you utilize it for its use.
  4. Q: Will I have a hard time removing the wheel set?
    • Ans: With this bike, you will never have a hard removing the wheel set because it has quick release hubs. Thus, you don’t need any tools during the process and you can do it easily.


Bottom Line :

This Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike could be the best bike for your mountain biking purposes, especially if you are still an entry-level mountain biker. With its high-quality and well-performing parts, as well as its performance and reliability in your mountain biking activity, this Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike could be the best bike you are just looking for.

Thus, purchase your own Navi RS100 Hard-tail Mountain Bike now and get the best of it in your every mountain biking experience!


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