Upland X90 Hard tail Mountain Bike Review


The Upland X90 26 inch mountain bike is one of the affordable bikes on its hard- tail category with durable quality and that has a good price. Its components, such as its frame is made out of aluminium alloy which ensures good quality and durability. This hard- tail mountain bike also has a suntour fork which has a 75 mm suspension travel that allows its rider to go confidently in any road.

This mountain bike is designed to provide comfort, and build your self- confidence when it comes to your riding speed while ensuring your safety with the materials used for its brakes. Upland X90 is designed for reliability of rider and the bike.

Who is it for?

This Upland hard tail mountain bike is designed for any level riders who would want to experience nothing but comfort and ease of use while going through the rough roads. With its frame and suspension feature, it allows the rider to take on any surface reducing the worry of bike breakdown on tough roads as its shock absorbs pretty well.



Upland X90 best budget mountain bike

Upland X90 Features

  • Frame and Suspension : The frame of the Upland X90 mountain bike is made of a high strength aluminium alloy, which is commonly known to be a light in weight and durable, plus it is one of the factors which allows this kind of product be priced lower.
    • In addition to the frame, the X90 mountain bike is equipped with 75 mm suspension with Suntour fork, allowing the bike’s shock to have a better suspension absorption.
  • Gear : One of the factors to consider when buying a mountain bike is the speed it can produce or release, and with Upland X90 has a speed of 24, which is a good number for a mountain bike with its price.
    • With its Shimano FD- TX35, RD- TX50 and Shimano EF51- 24, this Upland mountain bike can offer various speed control system that allows variable speed changes and having it done smoothly.
  • Brakes : With its number of speed changes, the Upland X90 mountain bike also comes with good quality brakes which is useful when stopping your ride particularly when you are running on a higher speed. Upland X90 has a mechanic disc brakes, which allows the bike to immediately stop in case there will be an emergency; making this mountain bike a safe ride even with high speed. The brakes are too good for a budget mountain bike.
  • Wheels : The Upland hard tail mountain bike has a 26 inch- sized wheels which is tested to be safer, lighter and tougher when compared to other wheel size.


  • The mountain bike is very is to assemble and making adjustments can be easier as well
  • Its parts are composed of high quality materials but the price is very much affordable
  • Simple design but has an attractive flavour to it
  • The Upland X90 gives its rider 24 speed choices to choose from with safety brakes for protection
  • Comes in sizes to make it more comfortable depending on the rider’s needs


  • There is no bottle holder attached or included in the package, which may be an issue when you are going for long rides.
    • Solution: You can have a built in or a DIY bottle carrier built in your bike.
  • The bike is not fully assembled when delivered to you.
    • Solution: The important thing is that, the complicated parts are the ones readily assembled. A little tinkering and assembling would not hurt.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Is the Upland X90 already assembled when shipped?
    • Ans : No, not really. Although, the good news is that it is 85 percent assembled already upon delivery, and all the complicated parts are already done.
  2. Q:  What is the weight capacity of this mountain bike?
    • Ans: The mountain bike itself is a lightweight, and its additional weight capacity is about 90 kilograms more.
  3. Q: What type of brake does this mountain bike have?
    • Ans: Upland uses a mechanic disc brakes, which is very much reliable for its 24 speed system.
  4. Q: What is the warranty term for this product?
    • Ans: For the frame and its parts, the warranty of Upland is for about one year.

Review Overview


Bottom Line :

Upland’s X90 26 inch hard tail mountain bike is one of the best and most affordable quality mountain bikes that is out in the market now. This is one of the best mid range mountain bike available. 

I would highly recommend this for those beginning to explore the habit of bike riding, as it is a quality and reliable entry level mountain bike. It can be used for both casual and rough terrain rides; plus with its 24 speed control system, it will definitely a good test to know your comfortable speed.  This is the best mountain bike under 500 you can have. 

It is designed for safety as well, with its mechanic disc brakes, which can handle suspension at any speed. The aluminium alloy material for the frame makes the bike lighter especially for uphill climbing.


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